What Is The Monaco Effect?

Unbeknownst to anyone, when the Manhattan Project was disbanded in 1947 a scientist named Dr. William Forge took his plan for a revolutionary "Invisible Force Field Projector" device and ran off to Europe to continue his research in secret. As the Cold War was beginning, Europe was a hotbed of paranoia and worry: A fertile ground for the runaway scientist to find investors and continue his work. He finally settled in Monaco, funded by a group of millionaires who wanted to make sure they would be safe should bombs start to fall.

Dr. Forge developed the IFFP in secret for the next half a decade… Until 1955 when a movie crew threatened to ruin everything. Alfred Hitchcock was in Monaco filming a movie with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, "To Catch A Thief," and their filming locations brought them dangerously close to the top-secret facility where the IFFP was being developed.

Desperate to maintain secrecy, Dr. Forge and his team tried to move the device to a new location… when a horrible accident occurred. The device, not yet stabilized, exploded, sending out rays of incredible energy right through the film set and hitting both Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, bathing them in its mysterious radiation. They were both rushed to the hospital for medical attention and it was at the hospital that the doctors discovered something remarkable….

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly had both been given extraordinary abilities, superpowers, from this accident. Cary Grant now had super strength and durability, while Grace Kelly had been given incredible speed and the ability to fly. The source of their amazing new powers was dubbed The Monaco Effect and it changed the course of history as Cary Grant and Grace Kelly became the first two superhero/movie stars.

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